basic types of the dental curing light


 There are many dental types of equipment that are needed by hygienic, laboratory technician, and dentist. One of the tools that are very important is dental curing light. This is used for the light cure resin polymerization. Usually, this tool has visible blue spectrum of the light. The light is delivered by the wavelengths over to the object that wants to be checked.

Actually, there are four basic types of the dental curing light. They are tungsten halogen, LED model, laser, and plasma arc curing (PAC). But the most interested in the product is LED and halogen. They have been becoming successful commercial product. Many people buy these products for their practicing or working because they think that these products are the most suitable one.



Regarding the halogen model, this tool is called also as halogen curing light. However, this model is the most frequent for the polymerization source. The model of this halogen is the tool that is usually used in the office. Forgetting the shine, or how to produce the shine of the tool, the electrical current must flow to the Tungsten on the filament. The filament is used for resistor. The resistor of this tool can reach the temperature around 3000 Kelvin. It can emit the electromagnetic and infrared radiation from the visible lighting. It is because this tool can provide the blue shiny around 400 nm until 600 nm. And of course, it will be good for you because it has intensity around 400 to 600 nW/cm2. The other feature that is important also from this model comes from the temperature. This tool has temperature which the filament can generate.

Talking about the ventilation of this model, this model has fan airflow. This model provides the tool having 80 W only for using. It has control system also for controlling the sound of it when it is used. However, you need to reenergize this tool. Thing that you need to consider is about the process of setting this tool and reenergizing. Make sure that your room is not hot enough because this tool reaches the highest temperature. When your room is safe enough, it means not hot so it is good for this tool. For the other feature is the bulb of this tool. The bulb of this model has can stand for many hours, it is around 4 days. Just try to count this. For example, this is the trial counting. If you spend time for using this tool is only fifteen minutes, and one hour has sixty minutes, so if this tool can stand for 4 days, it means that you have much time for waiting before you reenergize this tool again.To find out More Details On The Dental Models Go Here.


However, it depends on the use of this tool. If your working makes you use this tool around thirty minutes for a day, so you only have eight times of the use before reenergizing this.


Then, for the next model is LED or light emitting diode. This dental curing light is one of the most models of this tool. This tool produces blue shine that can cure the material. However, the idea of using the LED model is suggested in 1995. First time, the use of the LED relied on the gallium nitride based semiconductor for the blue shine emission.  And then, it uses voltage as the applying by generating the specific wavelength for emission. By the applying this idea, the LED produces narrow spectrum of the blue shining about 400 nm to 500 nm, that is the range. And the peak of the wavelength is 460 nm that is useful energy for activating the CPQ molecule in polymerization.

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This model is different from the halogen model. The LED generates heat less than the halogen, it means that LED model does not need fan for cooling this tool. About the lightweight, it can be designed. This tool is portable and very effective. The portability comes from the consumption of the power that is very low.  And the recharging process of this LED is very comfortable and easier because the battery is saving much power. The process of working, LED is faster than the halogen. It is sure that it will be your best friend in working and practicing. However, make sure that you choose the tool that is suitable with your need, there are many model and types of this dental equipment that you can choose, so check the feature before buying and using.